South End Volleyball is excited to offer our 2nd season of Beach Volleyball Training for Spring and Summer 2020



Practices: Players will receive 25-35 practices. 50hours - 70 hours for the season. 

May- August M-W  4:30pm-8:30pm Practice Times Subject to Change once school ends


Where: "THE NEST" - Highline College Volleyball Courts. 

For any questions Email Clittleman@highline.edu


All Training will be led by Highline College Head Coach / South End Volleyball Club Director

Chris Littleman (Click for profile)


First Practice May 

Practices will be 2-2.5 hours long. The official schedule will be released after we know how many players will be participating in our summer training club.



SOUTH BEACH VOLLEYBALL 1st Practice  1st Practice in July
SEVC MEMBER $900  $450 $450
NON SEVC MEMBER $1000 $500 $500


All players will receive the following SOUTH BEACH Volleyball Gear:  Trucker Hat and practice shirt.


Why every girl should start playing beach volleyball?

Beach volleyball for junior girls is exploding in popularity due to its popularity in the Olympics and due to the new scholarships being offered at top universities across the US.  rate description. The term “beach volleyball” is the actual sport that our Olympic athletes compete in across the world. Beach volleyball is the name I prefer, it is what has been played across the country for decades (even when it’s not on the beach) and it is what our program calls the sport.

Will beach volleyball improve your indoor game?

Yes. The advantage of playing beach volleyball is that a player must be able to perform every skill. To be successful at beach volleyball a player must be able to pass, set, hit, serve, and play defense.  It forces the players to develop their weaker skills. It also requires players to cover more of the court on serve receive and on defense and this teaches players to read the hitter and control the ball.

How does beach volleyball improve your physical attributes and make you a better indoor player?

Moving in the sand and jumping in the sand is much more difficult than in indoor, so playing beach volleyball can help you develop a stronger jump and make you quicker on defense because you’re under constant resistance in the sand.